Royal Wedding In India

About Royal Wedding In India :

Wedding in India is an auspicious occasion, an affair which is associated with traditional costumes, rituals and colorful celebrations. According to most Indians, wedding is not only the union of two individuals persons, its a unity of more than two family. India,being a land of diversity witnesses different types of wedding. People belonging to different religion, caste and creed follow different types of rituals in their marriages. However, these days, people in India are thinking beyond monotonous traditional marriage systems and venturing out to explore the unique wedding ideas. In order to make their marriage celebrations look innovative, many people are seeking help of the Indian wedding planners.

We are specialize in Royal & Destination Weddings in India. We as coordinator provide you personal attention & care so that you are always in contact with us right the way. Our ability to add those personal touches to your wedding and make it a grand affair. Our dedicated professionals have some ideas, who can talk through your concerns and plans outside of normal working hours, at times that are more convenient to you. We will keep in regular contact with you for latest plans. We promise to organize your wedding the highest of standards, aiming to achieve as near perfection as possible, honing in on the small details that add the finishing touches, providing a polished service. At our location we try to give a feel of Destination Wedding, & Royal Wedding. It's not just the era that we are talking about but more importantly the sheer diversity of awe inspiring yet romantic locations that we offer with the added bonus of impeccable service and hospitality. A small wedding could also be arranged at any of the venues but we are open to use a mix of Heritage properties, depending upon the requirement. Not only is the Wedding organized at these venues rather we also arrange your stay in these Palaces.

Indian Temple Wedding :

Temple Wedding is also common in India. In fact, the temples in India are considered to be the most auspicious venue for wedding. Marriage in India is a jovial yet sacred occasion that is reflective of the regional, religious and cultural diversity of India. Indian Temple Wedding is believed to add sacredness and divine blessing to the life of a couple.

India is a destination of spectacular monuments and beautiful Hindu shrines. In the ancient times these temples were something more than the mere places of worship. They were the repository of knowledge and culture. They came to be considered the sanctified buildings where one could seek ultimate and eternal happiness. India is replete with number temples that are ultimate examples of architectural brilliance and aesthetic design. Getting married in one of these temples definitely adds a new meaning to the solemn vows that you exchange. The temple weddings in India infuse that element of purity and sacredness into the big event of your life. The temples in India are the ideal venues for those who are looking forward to a no-frills traditional marriage. The temples in North India are considered the abode of divine and serene compassion. The commendable architecture of the temples complemented well by the reverential ambience, the temples in North India exude devotion. The South Indian temples appeal to the aesthete with in you. Considered the embodiments of rich culture and tradition, these temples also are warrant consideration as venues when it comes to the temple weddings in India. The temples of the East are characterized by the serene ambience that pervades the temples. Bodhi Temple, Lingaraja Temple, Jagannath Temple and Maha Bodhi Temple need special mention. The western Indian temples grab attention by their ornate design and the eye for detail. The central Indian temples are intricately carved and have awe-inspiring designs.

Some of the Indian temples where you can arrange your wedding are Kalighat Temple (Kolkatta), Dakhineshwar (Kolkatta), Tarakeshwar Temple (West Bengal), Jagannnath Temple (Puri), Ling raja Temple (Bhubaneshwar), Tripureshwari Temple (Tripura), the Konark Sun Temple, Khajuraho Temples, Ajanta Caves and the Brihadeswara Temple. Other than these, there are others in the southern part of the country which also facilitate marriage ceremonies. In Kerala, temples like the Guruvayoor temple and the Tirupati temple of Andhra Pradesh are famous for the weddings ceremonies that are arranged there.

India is considered to be land of beautiful temples, what could be a better option to get married than the temple weddings in India. Temple weddings in India are the ideal way to solemnize the most important event in one's life.

Hindu Wedding :

Hindu weddings are one of the most important ceremonies. The script is enchanted in Sanskrit, which is the language that is used in most of the holy ceremonies. Hindu weddings also follow a lot of rituals and customs. Here wedding traditions include many rites and rituals performed on the D-day. Hindu weddings are considered as holy ceremonies and the rituals are carried out in an extremely traditional way. The rituals have changed over the years but the basics are the same.

In traditional Hindu weddings, the main ceremony takes place at the brides' home. There are many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. The most important of the former is the Mangni or Sagai or engagement ceremony. On the auspicious day of the wedding, the bride's father treats the groom to yogurt and honey and graciously welcomes him into the household. One of the most important of Indian Hindu wedding traditions is the exchanging of garlands, commonly referred to as the Jaimala ceremony and is symbolic of accepting one another.

The ceremonial fire or Havan is lit and Agni is invoked to witness the occasion. Fire is regarded as a purifying element in Hindu rites and rituals. The couple then offers sacrifice or Rajaham to the fire. The ritual that follows next is the Gath Bandhan, symbolic of eternal ties. Then it is the turn of what is regarded as the most important all Hindu wedding traditions - the Saat Phere or Mangal Phere. The bride and groom circle the fire often holding hands and take vows to be beside each other throughout their lives. Both sets of parents and other elders of the family then bless the newly wedded couple.

Indian Hindu wedding traditions also include putting on the Mangal Sutra as well and application of vermillion on the bride's head by the groom. These rituals have a deeper symbolic relevance and a certain quaint charm and appeal. There are many exotic wedding venues in India and a splendid wedding in any of them is sure to remain embedded in your memories forever.

Indian Royal / Palace Wedding :

For the Indians who want to enjoy their marriage celebrations amid grandeur, there can be nothing better than to choose Royal Wedding option. Most of the Royal Indian weddings are arranged in the forts and palaces of Rajasthan. Places like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Mandawa in Rajasthan witness the maximum number of Indian Royal Weddings. These majestic historical palaces, gorgeous old havelis and the heritage or luxury palace hotels make for great wedding venues. These are also called Palace Weddings in India. . What sets apart the Indian royal wedding is the style, the decor, the dining and the sophistication. Though these kinds of weddings are a rich man's affair but these royal weddings in India which are done in the true traditional style and with impressive decor, set up the picture of a king's or a queen's wedding ceremony.

Some of the world class hotel chains like Taj and Oberoi amongst others, have renovated these ancient palaces and offer lucrative wedding packages. The Indian Royal Weddings tour packages include everything from venue-hotel bookings, invitations, reception, dining, shopping trips, organizing ceremonies and honeymoon. Your royal wedding dream comes true with the effort of this group of experts who make all the arrangements to make your wedding tour a memorable affair. Royal Wedding in India is the ideal way to enjoy the beginning of your married life.