Tour Escorts in India :

Our Tour Escorts :

Tour escorts accompany groups of people on organized trips called "package tours." Most people who take escorted tours want the security and convenience of having transportation, accommodations, and sightseeing arranged for them. However, not all group tours are the same. There are tours for every budget, taste, and age group. Religious tours, cultural tours, tours for professional and interest groups are just several examples of outings that require the services of a tour escort.

Tour escorts usually work for tour companies, which are as varied as their clientele. He actually travels as a member of the group. According to most tour escorts, you really have to get along well with the passengers, because you spend most of your time with them. Tour escorts need excellent communication skills, organizational ability, and financial responsibility. Clients expect their escorts to be both leaders and friends.

An escorted tour is one for which the passengers have paid extra money for the convenience of having somebody along who knows a specific geographical area and who is familiar with the many details of group travel.

An Escort Working Activities With The Tourists :

  • Handling the logistics of a weeklong group tour.

  • Being an escort means leading a group of about forty people from site to site, caring for their every need, answering their questions, and dealing with every emergency.

  • In addition to being a travel companion, the escort must be responsible for all aspects of tour coordination, including checking the group into and out of hotels, coordinating sightseeing and transportation, and providing informational narrative about the many sights visited.

  • The escort is usually described as being part entertainer, part troubleshooter, and always a representative of the company.

  • Being in charge of the tour also means you have to deal with myriad emergencies and surprises that occur all too often.

  • Always do the payment in the company's name who has confirmed your booking. Also ask for proper bills or cash receipt.

Skill Of A Tour Escort :

  • Licensee Holders Tour Escorts.

  • Knowledgeable about their subject.

  • Self Confidence when speaking in public.

  • Flexible, to cope with emergencies or unexpected incidents.

  • Fluent in English and their respective language.

  • High Standard of customer service.

  • Specialized Tours like Sight Seeing, Medical Tourism, Industry Visits, Educational Tours, Pilgrimage Tours etc.

Multi-Specialist Tour Escorts :

  • Engish

  • Russian

  • Italian

  • German

  • Spanish

  • French